Dienstag, 24. Mai 2016

Revised IX

Hello guys,

I revised my previously shown IX tile a bit. Eni Oken (CZT) pointed out that IX could be seen more 3D, a bit like pyramids. Before she told that I saw them only flat, like flower petals, but I think she's right. IX could be pyramids and I shadet the pattern like that.

I wanted to show you the result because I think its surprisingly how diffrent a tile can look with different shading.

Montag, 23. Mai 2016

IX and pencil zengems

Hey guys :D

Today I shaded the tile I showed previously. The one with the diamond shapes, IX and Tipple. I love Tipple as a filler; it is easy to draw and relaxing but looks good on tiles. You can fill any shape or
"throw" it on the tile without planning, but it still looks good.

This tile I drew without a string. I started with the bigger gem/ix and then did the smaller one. Tipple was drawn last, because the tile looked empty without a filler pattern. I thought about flux (I love flux as much as tipple) but I thought flux would be to organic for this tile.

This time I used my own tiles. I cut them from "Lana Dessin 220" drawing paper. Its not as sturdy as the Peter Pauper Press Artist Tiles but I like its creamy color.

I have to admit that I really like the silver gemstones. It was my first try with gems without color, only with pencil but I think the result is presentable.

In school this morning I started a new tile. Yeah I know I'm not at school to draw, but to learn. But there is only one month left until I have to do an oral examination to finish my apprenticeship. So we talk much but write less and I can listen/talk and draw! And sometimes I need to keep my fingers busy.
This time I wanted to try the new weekly challenge of "Shading Zentangle" - it's "Skye" deconstructed by Margaret Bremner. I think this tangle its not that easy to draw and need much concentration to draw it right. This tile isn't done yet. I would like to add some more tangles, but I'm not sure which to chose. But maybe if I sleep over I will get some inspiration.

Samstag, 21. Mai 2016


... a Square One: Purely Zentangle Challenge.

I love the weekle challenges hosted by the facebook group mentioned above. This one we have to draw "IX" a official Zentangle pattern I never drew before. So I wanted to test this pattern on a tile. I haven't shaded the tile yet but I wanted to show you my preliminary result.

I think this pattern isn't difficult to draw but finished it looks really complex. I like it. I will shade the diamond shapes like gems (but only with pencil to meet the group-requirements.

Maybe I will draw some more Tiles with IX because its fun :D

Montag, 16. Mai 2016


... or Zentangle?

collecting and testing ideas to Batumber
Some days ago I found string #209 on tanglepatterns.com and it reminded me of Tetris the (very old) Gameboy game. I loved Tetris, so I had to create a tile with that string, but I didn't want to copy it 1:1 so I changed the string a bit.

But before I started drawing on my tile I tested the tangle I wanted to draw. I knew I wanted to draw some "Batumber" and combine it with some other patterns but in the end I drew a monotangle because Batumber is really convertible.

3,5" tile without shadows

After I tested Batumber in many different styles and forms I started to draw my tile. I used a ruler for the pencil grid but drew the "tetris-blocks" freehand over that grid.

Sometimes I thought I need a magnifier because the pattern on the bottom left and upper right are really really small and it was difficult to fill the little black spaces. And shading these tiny leafs was difficult too.
But I'm sure I will use Batumber again. I love that tangle <3

Material I used: 
  • Peter Pauper Press Artist's Tile Set
  • Staedtler pigment liner 0.05 / 0.01 / 0.02
  • Faber Castell 9000 Pencil H // 3B
  • Cretacolor paper stump
  • Dr. Ph. Martin's Pen White for highlights

finished Tile