Montag, 23. Mai 2016

IX and pencil zengems

Hey guys :D

Today I shaded the tile I showed previously. The one with the diamond shapes, IX and Tipple. I love Tipple as a filler; it is easy to draw and relaxing but looks good on tiles. You can fill any shape or
"throw" it on the tile without planning, but it still looks good.

This tile I drew without a string. I started with the bigger gem/ix and then did the smaller one. Tipple was drawn last, because the tile looked empty without a filler pattern. I thought about flux (I love flux as much as tipple) but I thought flux would be to organic for this tile.

This time I used my own tiles. I cut them from "Lana Dessin 220" drawing paper. Its not as sturdy as the Peter Pauper Press Artist Tiles but I like its creamy color.

I have to admit that I really like the silver gemstones. It was my first try with gems without color, only with pencil but I think the result is presentable.

In school this morning I started a new tile. Yeah I know I'm not at school to draw, but to learn. But there is only one month left until I have to do an oral examination to finish my apprenticeship. So we talk much but write less and I can listen/talk and draw! And sometimes I need to keep my fingers busy.
This time I wanted to try the new weekly challenge of "Shading Zentangle" - it's "Skye" deconstructed by Margaret Bremner. I think this tangle its not that easy to draw and need much concentration to draw it right. This tile isn't done yet. I would like to add some more tangles, but I'm not sure which to chose. But maybe if I sleep over I will get some inspiration.

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