Montag, 21. November 2016

I love this string

I finished reading the primer book but without doing every exercixe. I started one more tile with the istructions from the book but i didn't liked the flow... it was so restricted. I had to use this string and that tangle and *argh*
But nevertheless i liked reading that book and I will use some things I read! One tangle I rediscovered was "shattuck". This is a really easy one but I like it. Maybe I can use it as a border in my next tile. But I used it in this tile too. The other tangles are called Huggins, Zinger and Fedr.

Now I have to shade this tile, but I like it without shading too (and thats not too common for me xD).

PS.: maybe I do some more tiles with this string and combine them to one collage/mosaic, I think that could look good.

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