Sonntag, 3. Dezember 2017

My attempt on inktober 2017

Hello there!

I tried to do inktober this year for the first time. I knew that I couldn't do a drawing each day because of work and daily struggles but I planned to do 31 drawings in october (so on some days more then one to catch up).

My first thought was to do an animal drawing each day following the official prompt list. But two days before october I changed my mind because I tried to sketch a hand in my sketchbook and failed miserably. My new topic for inktober was "born": I would draw hands everyday without prompt list but with references!

I bound a little sketchbook with 32 pages so I could draw only on one side of the paper because I wanted to use Copic Markers in greytones to shade the drawings and I knew they would bleed through. I used a bit heavier (laser)printer paper and normal linen-thread to bind the book. But the cover is wrapped with black embossed paper. Its 14 x 14 cm small and I loved to do it and the paper worked great with my markers I think.

There are some hands I like more then others, but overall I think I improved a lot. But I have to admit that I failed my aim ._. I did only 22 drawings that month. But maybe I will fill the sketchbook later on.

(Please be kind, this my first try to film something ever! I dont have a tripod and only used my phone but I thought a flip through would be much easier then to scann everything and much more interesting then posting the same pictures as on instagram)

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