Freitag, 3. Juni 2016

All that glitters is not gold

Same on my newest tile. It looks like gold, maybe it glitters a bit too much, but its ink. I used Winsor &Newton Gold-Metallic Bronze Ink and a tiny paintbrush to color the orbs. First I wanted to color them with colored pencils and shade them like gemstones, but I didn't like the test orbs on a seperate piece of paper.

I bought the gold ink weeks (months?) ago and wanted to do a tile with it since then... The tangle pattern I used was really simple. Its called "Lollywimple" and I combined it with one of my alltime favourites: "Flux"

I hope you like it :)

I dont have a "without shadow" picture this time, because I started this tile at school and did most of shading there too. I'm sorry. Maybe next time!

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