Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2016

Zentangle Primer Vol. 01

my Zentangle Primer Vol. 01
Recently I bought a new book, the german translated version of "Zentangle Primer vol. 01" by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.

I saw the original book on many english websites to buy from a CZT, but because these are mostly based in the USA it was really expensive to buy for me. Not the book itself, but the shipping costs. And so I ended with looking at the beautiful cover without buying that book.
But now I'm really happy that it was translated to german and I could buy this version easily on amazon. (Thanks to YvonneLi. from A Tangle of Lines who recomended that book! Because without that I woul have missed that there is a german version).

I haven't read the whole book yet, because its more a step by step tutorial and I want to do the lessons described in this book. But I already did the first lesson and because of that I'm a bit more motivated zo draw some zentangles again.
The tangles described in lesson one are crescent moon, hollibaugh, printemps and florz. All these tangles I already tried so they weren't new but never the less I started with them again. And I have to say: I didn't like the tiles I drew with them, so I wont show them to you. But I do like that I started with zentangle again!

I like this book really much. The paper is smooth and a bit glossy and not that thin. It's cover is a lose one, but one difference to the original english version is that its not bound in linen, but it has a linen structure printed on.

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