Freitag, 13. Januar 2017

My new big love

Finetec watercolor swatches page 1
No no, I dont have a new boyfriend. I'm writing about my new metallic watercolors.

Last weekend I ordered a complete set of "Finetec" Watercolors. They arrived on wednesday but today was the time for testing them! On wednesday I only did some swatches of 5 colors because I was really curious, but today I created a chart for all 28 colors in my color-swatch-sketchbook.
(In this sketchbook I have charts of my watercolors and some mixing-swatches)

swatches page 2
There are twenty opaque watercolors and eight translucent/shimmering ones. The opaque ones came with 5 different shades of gold, some reds, a green, some blues and two blacks. The translucent ones are blue-green, green, blue, violet, pink silver, gold and copper.
You can order smaller sets of some colors (6 or 12) for example a Gold set with gold and silver colors, or a pharao set with gold and blue ones. But you can order every single color alone too. They have two sorts of boxes (iron sheet or plastic) in two different sizes (six and twelve pans). And you can order all colors in a bag (what I did).

Its really easy to work with these colors, but you have to wet them with some waterdrops from your brush or with a small spray bottle, to get the pigments more easily onto your brush.

Finetec shimmering watercolor detail
Some of the colores aren't that vivid like I wished but nevertheless beautiful. The opaque blue (called midnight blue), the opaque green (Moss Green) and the opaque violet (Deep Purple) paint like dark grey if you dilute them with too much water. But maybe I did something wrong.

I ordered two boxes (for 12 pans each) to store my pans, because I thought I can keep 4 of the colors stored away... but I like them all so much so I ordered an additional box today to hold the translucent ones. Its a bit sad that there are 28 colors... so four to many for two boxes, but there are eight translucent colors too. So they don't fit in a six-slot box too :( Now I will have three twelve-pan boxes with empty slots. Maybe they will release additional colors in the future and I can fill these slots xD

I sure will use them to add some sparkle to my tiles!

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