Dienstag, 10. Januar 2017

New tangle or tangleation?

Hey guys,

some days ago I did another 3z tile. On this tile I drew a pattern I haven't seen anwhere else. I used no stepout or rather 'invented' my own. But I'm not sure if its really new or not. I asked at an facebook-group but the answers I got were confusing. I asked some more questions about this matter but in the end im more confused than before :(

I now asked on an other group, maybe they can help me clarify that "problem".

Never the less, I want to show my new tile, because I like it very much. And I will use this tangle again. Wheter if its my own pattern or a tangleation of shattuck or any other tangle.

PS.: this tile wont count to my weekly tangle. I plan to do at least one more.

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