Sonntag, 19. November 2017

Im still alive

Hey guys, 

I'm still alive and draw and paint in my spare time but wasn't in the mood to write much about it :( I'm so sorry! I have these moods sometimes so I thought I would start an instagram account to battle this. There I can post my pictures without big editing to fit my layout here and without "big words".
So if you are interested in my pictures please follow me there :D 

 But I plan to do more postings here too! I have so much to show and some things to tell. There are some projects I started, some about zentangle, some more art related in general.

So please stay tuned for more posts! I would love to do them weekly on sundays!

And because a blogpost without pictures is boring I would like to show a 12 x 12 cm tile I did as a birthdaycard. I did it with ink and colored pencils on paper. The patterns are called Birchy, Mooka, Flux and Tipple.

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