Samstag, 22. Juli 2017

New name, new domain and new art!

Hey :D

yes I'm alive and still drawing. I had a frantically busy time with moving to my firts own apartment. 
There was really much to do. New wallpapers, new colors, a new carpet in one room, remove the old kitchen, get a new one and so on. 
But now I arrived and I'm in the mood to draw again. Ok... there are some (more) boxes left I have to clear, but the important things are working (internet and my art supplies *lol*). 

The next new thing is my new domain. I thaught about a short domain for this blog for a while, but couldn't find any I liked. Then a friend told me about the new top-level-domain ".art". So I wanted one with that ending. First I thought about changing my name from Windspiel to something not so complicated for not german speaking people. But the name I would liked to have would cost me 500€ for one year... and thats way to much for me to afford. So its And I wont change it again!

And in the header I promised new art. And I have new art. I have not drawn that much but I made a postcard I plan to print in a small Edition (I thought 100 will be enough, maybe thats not that small for an art edition, but I think for postcards it is!). 
So this picture is 15,4 cm x 11,1 cm in size and drawn on Fabriano Tiepolo Paper.
I can't say how long I worked on this because I drew it on various evenings sometimes only 30 minutes a day, sometimes one or two hours.
I like the result very much and started a second card already.

"Schicksalsfaden" - "Thread of Fate"

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