Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2017

Simple schoolgrade watercolor

aren't as bad as I thought.

Last time I tried them I was in school class 11, so its was 14 years ago. (Class 12 and 13 I was at an art class and had to use more artistlike watercolor). The watercolors commonly used in german schools are a lot like pan-gouache. They are more or less opaque but not as richly pigmented as true artists gouache. But they aren't that bad.

Why I say this? Because I tried them again yesterday (I finished the painting past midnight, so the date on the pic says today *laugh*).
I wanted to do something in gouache, but I love pans more then tubes, so I thought I would give them a try. I have to practice more, using this colors, because I think I'm to used to my artist grade watercolor. I tend to do lighter washes for lighter colors but I should use white paint to mix it.

I used a box with 12 pans and a tube of white for mixing paler colors to paint this small study. Its based on a photograph taken by "Viacheslav" on and painted in a selfmade sketchbook. Maybe you like it although its not a zentangle.

Ps.: I'm sorry that I could not post a zentangle tile for last week. I failed my challange because I had a bad cold. I wanted to do the tile on sunday, but I was only awake for 3 hours that day :(

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